Process and Pigment

I want to share a few process shots of my new work, Deracinate (Youth), "in action."  The title was inspired by my friend, Charlie Schroder's project Wordbowl  (stay tuned, I am collaborating with Charlie, and others, on an exhibit in NYC this Fall)
This is a large scale work, approx. 108"h x 51"w, and the following visuals give an idea of how I work out (literally and figuratively!) creating these pieces and also the scale difference between tableaux and paper.  "The big picture" is always pitted against "the details." And with the details constantly shifting, as the models decay and rearrange themselves, I have to make decisions about which will stay and which will go in order to inform the bigger, conceptual whole.
You'll notice I am using a carrot to apply the actual raw pigment...let's just say it wasn't a perfect experience as the turpentine I used later turned the nice orange color to an acid yellow.  Not all experiments need to end up on the table though so I finished the color work with traditional oils (I used Arches oil paper for this piece).
Below is the final work and a photo of the work hanging with others in the Subjection series from the "Best of Marin" pop-up exhibit last month.
A note on more conceptual elements:  The term Deracinate essentially means to be "uprooted" and this work shows two wrinkling parsnips "taking" or uprooting a carrot, Youth. The shadow plays Time here and as the shadow changed on the wall, I changed the artwork's shadow. I tried to leave a trace of the past though by not erasing or completely covering marks from previous days' work.  I feel it shows the process and choices I made throughout the art's creation and lends a more challenging interface for me. 
© 2014 ANR

Night Fishing

Sometimes one meal will inspire more than one painting.
Sometimes the way I procure ingredients often becomes part of my "process."
Here are two paintings created after an evening of fishing in the Florida Keys...
Night Fishing, 2013, 36"x18", charcoal and oil on panel
Florida Snapper:  Dinner, 2013, 12"x12", charcoal, gold powder and oil on panel
A couple of baby sharks...a log and a fall off the actual dinner of Florida snapper caught, gutted and grilled...and very much appreciated!
I wonder what I'll catch on the next trip......  

Entangled Eggplants

I wanted to share a bit of my creative process and thinking here.  This mixed media piece, "(Quantum) Entanglement Theory," provides an example of what I'm up to in the dark (and lighter) recesses of mind and studio on any given day...
I have been fascinated with quantum physics for some time and worked on a documentary for PBS, "The Fabric of the Cosmos."  I struggle with trying to picture the processes of particals and space.  In this work, I attempt to better comprehend entanglement theory.  It made me ponder how we might measure relationships and disconnection...
To begin, I create a tableau using the chosen models...Here it is Japanese eggplants encoupled in a sort of Japanese bondage scenario.
This piece is around nine feet tall so I use a piece of charcoal taped to a stick in order to block in a gestural underdrawing (and not have to use the ladder).
A little further along (and many trips up and down the ladder!).  The "models" are off to the right and have been slowly decaying for a few days by now.
Here I am using an eggplant to "paint" with.  I tried making my own pigment with the skin but it didn't work so i just said, "To Hell with it," and used the actual eggplant.
And here is the finished work, 108"h x 51"w, charcoal, eggplant and oil paint on Arches Oil paper.
Ah, but what of my patient, entangled couples?  
(I keep all of my models is some state of "tribute" after they have finished their use.)
Remember Schrodinger's Cat?  Well, here's my ode to that great, perplexing question and state of being..."Schrodinger's Eggplant."
(Mason jar, canvas, rope and, presumably, eggplants) 

A New Pony!

I waited A LOT of Christmases for this one!  Tomorrow, my new horse, Chancellor, arrives... and I can't all of today, I painted pictures of him.  Here is a sampling...



















BTW, does he count as a tax write off now?  ;  )

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